Use Shea Butter for Hair

Shea butter is indeed a hair’s organic conditioner. It is made from Shea plant nuts, an indigenous tree located in the tropical regions of Eastern and Western Africa. Apart from the pros & cons of shea butter for hair, it has exceptional moisturizing qualities and is also recognized as the “most organic conditioner.”

People use shea butter for hair for centuries in parts of Africa, as well as for body care and medicinal properties. Shea butter is often known to treat wounds and bruises and remove surgical scars, skin infections, and acne scars. Apart from medical applications, some of the more popular uses for Shea Butter involve using an organic cleanser for the body and a natural hair conditioner.

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  • Sooth and Sore Scalp

Shea butter is being used for decades to soothe dry, itchy skin or itchiness on African hair.  It is indeed a perfect source of moisture for thin or broken hair. It is typically used as a base for health-related serums and is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties. It absorbs smoothly through the scalp and therefore does not clog the pores. It supplies humidity from root to tip. It is also beneficial with hair that is calm, dyed, or heat handled.

  • Defense Against Heat

Shea butter doesn’t quite stay on the scalp but instead removes the hair strand/shaft without creating a greasy or thick texture. That being said, it covers the hair shaft in such a way that it is secured from harm from the heating machine being moved through the hair.

  • raw shea butterShields Against UVS

Shea butter is known to contain a limited but adequate SPF level to secure the hair against hazardous ultra-violet sunlight exposure. This is undoubtedly good for dyed or colored hair.

  • Softener

Shea butter is best for softening rough, frail hair. It is an outstanding moisturizer and thus provides this benefit with both dry and brittle curly hair.

Refined Vs. Raw Shea Butter

Two kinds of Shea Butter are processed and raw. Raw shea butter for hair contains more of its genetic awesomeness.  One of the factors why shea butter is processed is to remove the natural scent that certain people do not want. Even so, the scent absorbs very easily. If you choose to use raw Shea Butter with much less scent, it is suggested that you select Shea Butter from Kenya or Eastern Africa. It cost a bit extra, but it’s often proven to keep the hair a little smoother, but it’s a bit stronger at moisturizing.

Author: Jarana

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