Reasons Why Hair Isn’t Growing

There is no doubt that having long, curly blond hair opens up a whole world of potential as far as hairstyles continue, but attempting to lengthen and then lengthen is always a struggle for various reasons. And frustratingly, it can be tough to pin down which one (or some) is causing your strands to struggle, particularly considering that our hair only develops around one-and-a-half centimeters per month, and that can be hard to track.

Reasons Why Hair Isn’t Growing

Following are the reasons why hair isn’t growing faster or hair stopped growing:

  • Hair BreakingGenetics

When it comes to personal hair development, each person seems to have a hair cycle growth period where their hair has the ability to achieve its most extended duration. The hair’s terminal length is the total length that may be reached without being cut or harmed. Hair does not inherently cease increasing until it exceeds a specific duration but does so after a certain amount of time has expired (the hair growth cycle).

  • Shedding

They’re all losing blood! The shedding of hair is widespread and usual. It’s part of the mechanism of hair formation. Old hair is being shed so that new hair can develop. And the healthiest scalps lose up to 150 strands of hair a day.

  • Age

Similar to your chromosomes, age may also be an explanation why your hair doesn’t develop. Age affects your hair’s development, and your hair’s growth time is becoming shorter when you become older.

  • Stress level

Stress appears to influence any aspect of our wellbeing, including our looks. Emotional and physical discomfort is associated with hair loss and general hair loss. Stress is harmful to our hair development as it reduces the hair growth period. Treating yourself to calming exercises to reduce tension can boost your psychological health and the health of your hair.

  • Hair Breaking

Breakage is possibly one of the arch-nemeses of your hair. The typical person’s hair develops around six inches a year. Whether your hair doesn’t get well cared for (too little treatment or too much care) and it falls off as soon as it develops, so your hair will remain the same length before any pattern is reversed.

  • Diet & Exercise

Like stress, your food and workout patterns have a significant impact on your overall wellbeing. Just as your skin likes consuming water for a day, your hair loves maintaining a balanced, vitamin-rich diet.

Author: Jarana

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