Create Eyebrow Slits

Eyebrow slits are minor vertical cuts that run parallel to the brow fur. They can be rendered by an expert, your parlour didi, or even yourself if you have a steady hand and a courageous spirit. In the 1990s, the look was trendy among hip hop artists. Classic beauty writers, who aren’t scared to pursue even the most bizarre makeup patterns, have taken them back. Pop media inspire makeup patterns, and brow slits have one undesirable effect between the cracks of healthy makeup. Shaving slits into eyebrows have now made their place in the beauty industry.

How to Create Eyebrow Slits

Eyebrow slits are a chic way to show you by taking minor vertical cuts through your brow fur. This style gained prominence in the 1990s and is still famous nowadays. By using an electromagnetic or mechanical razor and tape, you may render slits in your brows. If you don’t want your brows to be permanently slitted, you may fake them with lipstick.

Top Eyebrow Slit Trend

  • eyebrow slit fashionEyebrow Slits with A Haircut That Joins Them: The eyebrow slit fashion is crazy, energetic, and diverse. It comes in various shapes, which you should try based on how much danger you can face. Combining that for your haircut is an exciting way to do it.
  • Haircut with A Double Slit: This one is much more nerve-wracking than the previous one. If you have a fiery attitude and aren’t afraid to take chances on your hairstyle, this is the one for you. Again, it’s preferable to get assistance rather than doing it alone with the razor.
  • Bejewelled Brow Slit: Are you about to get your groove on with a bejewelled brow slit? And getting your eyebrows pierced is the perfect way to personalize the brow slit trend. It has a very sleek and futuristic look to it, and it doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. You’re finished after slitting and piercing.

Author: Jarana

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