Way To Apply False Lashes

We enjoy the appeal of false lashes; why are we applying them? Not too many. So, determined to work out how to put false eyelashes in the right way, we’ve got professional makeup artists to unleash their finest lash application tricks. Keep reading to learn how to apply fake eyelashes more like a pro, plus some tricks to keep your falsies new!

Way To Apply False Lashes Like A Pro

Following are the steps of putting false eyelashes like a pro:

Step #1: Curl Your Lashes + Add Mascara

One of the most straightforward approaches to combining natural lashes with fake lashes is using an eyelash curler. Please ensure your eyelashes are clear (no mascara or traces of glue) while curling your lashes. Afterward, you’ll want to apply some mascara that will help you match your natural lashes with all of your falsies for a flawless look.

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Step #2: Size Your Strip or Choose Wispies As an Option

False eyelashes were never necessarily made to match your particular eye form, so verify to see if they are the correct size for your eyes unless you start submitting. If they don’t, offer them a simple trim to match your eye shape. If strips don’t suit your needs, chop the strip in half or go for lash wispies. These individual lashes will allow you more flexibility and make you take one lash at a time to tailor your look. If the eyelash adhesive has been brushed, let it dry for another few seconds, causing it to get tacky. If you add it when the adhesive is already warm, the falsehoods won’t remain in position.

Step #3: Make Sure the Mirror Angles Are Fine.

You might be tempted to look straight into a mirror while applying fake eye lashing — particularly if you are sitting in your bathroom or on a vanity. Instead, hold a hand mirror and glance down at it to help you get a clearer picture of the natural lash line. It would help if you stayed as close to the lash line as you can to stick your eyelashes properly.

Step #4: Apply with Tweezers

Using tweezers to keep the lashes in position, place them near the natural lash line as practicable (tweezers would be particularly helpful for someone partial to individual lashes). Start from your eyelid and then fix the sides so that the falsities are positioned correctly. For added drama, you should lay two of the same fake lash sets or attempt to pair a complete collection of lashes with something that is wispier for extra spice.

Step #5: Eyeliner to Finish It Off

By applying a thin line across the band of your fake eyelashes, you’re going to be able to cover the strip and make your frange appear much fuller. Make tiny strokes from along the lash line, so they’re all attached instead of attempting to make a huge swipe. If you’re not an expert, it would be impossible to draw a long perfect line.

Author: Jarana

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