Apply Eyeshadow Correctly

Are you also a fan of makeup but always end up p applying the wrong eye shadows and wondering how people do this so beautifully? Well! We are in the same boat. Makeup artists always face some frequently asked questions like How can you choose the right colours, brushes to use, and, most importantly, how can you apply eyeshadow correctly?

Techniques to Apply Eyeshadow like A Pro

Before going into detail about different rules for applying eye shadow, let us see what we may need to get through this.

  • First of all, a Primer or a Concealer to be used on the eyes as the foundation.
  • Next on the list is a Translucent Powder
  • An Eyeshadow Palette with a range of colours from bright to dull.
  • An appropriate set of essential brushes to apply and blend eye shadows.
  • Eyeliner to bring fineness.
  • A Lash Curler & Mascara to give a dramatic look.

Rules for Applying Eyeshadow

Range of Colours: Second, select an eye shadow palette, ideally one with a broad selection of colours spanning from dark to light and some of the colour combinations that look better on your unique eye colour.

Understand the Different Eye Terminologies: The next move is to familiarise yourself with the numerous areas of the eye and words so that you know where to place what.


Decide on the Colour Palette: Evaluate the shades you see as you open your palette. Determine the lightest, medium, and darkest colours in your set. You’ll use these eye shadow colours (from light to dark) to control how the eyes look, putting certain places forward and allowing others to recede, to apply like a pro.

Get the Equipment Packed: Ladies, it’s time to get your eye shadow brushes together. In case you make a few errors, you may want to get some Q-tips like these.

Author: Jarana

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